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Marife Rosas


About The Author

Hi, my name is Marife Rosas and I’m a Filipino Infopreneur (Online Entrepeneur), Author, Financial literacy advocate and the founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy, whose desire is to help all Aspiring Christian Infopreneur to move forward in their journey for the sole purpose of Glorifying God through their lives.

In 2015, I started to share my insights through my blog hoping that my stories and every stories/Interviews I collected will inspire people to start their own success stories.

I've written 5 books up to date entitled, How to Build Profitable Business without quitting your Job Yet, Shortcut to Success, How to Move On?, 7 Secrets To Achieve Your Greatest Desires (Learning inspired by our Temple of Solomon Journey) and the Christian Infopreneurs Handbook.

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