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Affiliate Rules

Rule #1: Affiliates are given P50 for commission for each sale of Faith-Driven T-shirt Collections.

Rule #2: Affiliate Commissions are paid after 30 days from the time the new referral's payment has been verified and are only paid via PayPal. If an Affiliate's PayPal account is not properly set-up inside the affiliate dashboard, all commissions that came in can be forfeited.

Rule #3: Word-Of-Mouth referrals are not accepted. All affiliates must use their affiliate links. If a new referral is registered and verified without going through an affiliate's link, the affiliate is not given the commission.

Rule #4: All affiliates shall agree to the terms and conditions before participating. This affiliate program is only an added source of income for members and is not the main goal of Christian Infopreneurs Academy. Christian Infopreneurs Academy is NOT a Networking or Multi-Level Marketing Businesses. This is also NOT an investment program or a pyramiding scheme.

Step by Step PROCESS in ordering with us

1. Choose your preferred design

2. Take note of your preferred code, color, size, and quantity.

3. Click the "Buy Now!" button below and fill out the form completely. 

4. Send payment in your preferred payment options.

5. Scan or take a photo or take a screenshot or your proof of payment and email it to with your t-shirt codecolorsize, and quantity for verification with  "Subject: Payment for Faith-Driven T-shirt"

6. Enjoy your shirts and Influence others by simply wearing it!;)

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