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REVEALED: The Exact Steps I Used To Build A Profitable Business

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur!

My name is Marife Rosas, like other people; I grew up in a very simple family who implanted me with a mindset of “Aral kang mabuti, para pag kagraduate mo makakuha ka ng magandang trabaho.”

I was following this mindset for long years of my life because I know that it is for my own good; my mother is a single parent and I know how hard she is working for us to finish our studies, that’s why I said to myself, “Kelangan kong Makagraduate para matulungan ko ang pamilya ko.”

I remember how good students I was during elementary, high school, and in even college. I may not be one of the top student in our batch but I know that I am studying very hard, and at least don’t give any headaches to my Mama :-) *laughs*.

Like many other children, all I want back then was to finish my studies, have a stable job, and live comfortably that way. So simple, right?

Because this was the mindset that I've got from my parent. Especially if you are like me who is brought up by employed parents, right? There’s nothing wrong about that! It’s okay! Because this is also what my Mom taught me back then.

My Turning Point

I was 2nd-year college at that time and it was 2nd semester already of taking up Bachelor of Business Teacher Education in Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa.

At that time, I was looking for a “part-time job” for me to have some extra income, aside from my allowance... Of course, I want to make some savings, for me to start my business idea that time, and other stuff to buy things that I want.

Yahoo!..Finally! I’m blessed to find a part-time job!

This was the first time I heard about “Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant. One lesson that I’ve learned and I think I will never forget is that if I really want to be successful I must try my best to be on the right side, in other words, to be an entrepreneur and finally to become an investor.

My grandpa (by the way, I’m talking about Robert Kiyosaki ?:-) *laughs*, explained to me with love and care, that it’s okay, and there’s nothing wrong to be on the left side.

Just make sure, don’t stay so much on that side, and work on things that will lead you to the right side. And because of that, I choose to always try something that will lead me to that part.

To cut the long story short, this cash flow quadrant leads me to try several non-traditional businesses: Such as MLM, direct selling, etc. and even dive into traditional businesses; but since I am not that knowledgeable and don’t have enough experiences that time, it didn’t work for me. I lost a lot of Time & Money doing the thing doesn’t fit me.

I Have To Find A Job To Survive...

Those failures in my business bring me to no other option but to apply for a job for me to survive.

I feel really bad for myself during those times because I knew that being my own boss was the thing that really wants to become, but what was happening was the opposite.

I experienced to be scammed in one company that I applied for. Even though, I’ve been blessed to find the real company in the corporate world.

I am thankful & blessed working in that company, but I can’t stop the voice shutting inside of me and always reminding me that there is something I need to do, to be an entrepreneur.

But How?

I can’t leave my job because if I do, how can I survive? Waking up every day was like a punishment for me. I am really unmotivated to go to work, but I have no choice because I don’t have capital, and confused about what business I will start if I quit.

I Decided To Change...

I wake up one day early in the morning, to ask a direction from God because I know that only Him can truly help & understand me.

I got to know myself even more, and learn what are the things I can do to safely escape my job.

I begin to work on my passion, on my core strength, and eventually, earn from it. It’s practical and fun approach because you will just do what you love to do, and earn from it.

To make it work, I need to work at least 1 hr in morning and another 2 hrs in the evening after work.

Have You Experienced...

  • Wanting To Get Out Of Your Job And Fire Your Perfectionist Boss, But You Can't Because You Need The Money To Survive?
  • Always Wanting To Start Your Own Business, But You Just Don't Have Time To Start Because You're Too Busy With Your 8-5 Job?
  • Worked For Several Years And Still Don't Have Enough Savings or Investments?
  • Dreaming About Earning Money By Using Your Passion?

If You Said "Yes" To Any Of The Above

"Damang-Dama Kita Friend!"

What If...

  • You Could Wake Up One Morning Where You Don't Have To Go To Work And Hear From Your Perfectionist Boss?
  • You Don't Have To Work At Your 8-5 Job Doing Things You Hate?
  • You Can Vibrantly Do Your Passion And Earn Money While Doing It?
  • You Can Take A Vacation Whenever You Want?
  • You Can Be With People You Always Wanted Spend Time With?
  • You Can Earn Significantly More Than Your Current Job?
  • You Can Support Charities, Church Mission, In Other Words, Help More People Around You?


Learn Proven Methods To Building Your Profitable Business Without Quitting Your Job Yet

Inside This eBook, You'll Learn:
  • How To Safely Build Your Own Business Without Quitting Your Job Yet
  • How To Become A True Entrepreneur By Heart
  • Discover A Unique And Perfect Business That Is Right For You
  • How To Keep Track And Be Productive In Your Business
  • The Exact Formula To Use TO Make Money In Your Business Even With Limited Resources
  • A Simple Financial Plan That You Can Follow That Will Give You Peace Of Mind
  • A Personal 30-Day Plan For Your Start-Up Business
  • How To Manage Your Hard-Earned Money

In the Book, You Will Discover:

Safely Start Your Own Business

Become A True Entrepreneur By Heart

Discover The Exact Business For You

Exact Formula To Start Your Business

What People Are Saying

Richie Salvador Entrepreneur, Publisher

I like how Marife started with her own story in this book. I can relate to her situation when I was still starting building my own business.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and this book guides me from an idea creation to fulfilling the product that really suits the business I wanted and passionate about.

There are lots of important lessons that can be learned from this book. It was once really confusing on what business I need to go in. You see, being passionate about something doesn’t make it a good reason to build a business from it. To be successful, it involves a product that people are going to buy. It also involves risks, guts, experience, skills, connections and says no to failure mentality.

This book has a perfect plan if you are to decide to go into a business start up. There are some powerful mindset habits you can use and practice while building your own business. Building the right habits has always been the key to a successful business.

I highly recommend this book!

Dennis Abad, Filmmaker

“Marife Rosas shows you in no uncertain terms how you can get started as an online entrepreneur. ”

Learn Proven Methods To Building Your Profitable Business Without Quitting Your Job Yet

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Session # 1: How To Start An eBook Business and Coaching Business Even You're Still Employed or Running other business (With Jon Orana)

Jon Orana

Online Marketer and Coach

Jon Orana is the Founder of Negosyo University and his mission is to help corporate employees who are sick and tired of their jobs.

He is the creator of multiple successful business training programs such as Money Tree System, Blog Academy, and Internet Business Master class helping corporate employees start their own business and escape the cubicle world.

How you can transition from Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur

How to overcome problems that might arise in your Business

How to manage Your day when you wanted to have your own business but your still employed Daily habits that will help you to keep going

How to balance "life" in general Best advice for all aspiring Christian Infopreneurs

How being a Christian can affect you in your own business and a lot more.

Session #2:  How To Start An Online Job Career (With Genesis Reonico)

Genesis Reonico

Founder of  Online Jobs University

Genesis Reonico is the Founder of Online Jobs University, a certified trainer, career coach, and motivational speaker who has been giving talks and providing trainings both offline and online all over the Philippines about How to become a world-class online service provider to clients all over the world and have a rewarding and fulfilling career in the process.

He's light bulb moments of becoming an Entrepreneur.

Tips for people who want to pursue Online Job career

How can you overcome your self-doubts.ñ Where can you find jobs online

Free resources that will help you start your Online Job

How can you, as a newbie, start your advocacy even though you are not an expert or no one knows you at first

Best advice for you who wanted to start your coaching business

His 1 daily habit that makes him happy and successful in everything he does.and a lot more.

Session #3: How To Become A Published Author at a Very Low Cost (With Richard Viador)

Richard Viador

Published Author

Richard Viador is a speaker and Published author of "Follow your Dreamship" book.

How He transitioned from being a street child to Seaman and to finally become an author and Speaker

How to Find your true purpose

Benefit of being a published author and how can you experience this

Disadvantages of not having a physical book

How to conquer your fears

The Good printing company that is affordable for all starters.

Session #4: How To Become a Serial Entrepreneur and Blogger (With Fitz Villafuerte)

Fitz Villafuerte

Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger

Fitz is a civil engineer who decided to quit the corporate world back in 2003 to pursue entrepreneurship. His blog, Ready To Be Rich, has won several awards including the Best Business and Finance Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards.

He has also been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the Top 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance in the Philippines. He is a Registered Financial Planner, a contributing writer for Rappler Philippines, and a resource speaker for corporate and socio-civic organizations in the country where actively promotes entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

How he transitioned from Civil Engineer to Freelancer to Entrepreneur

Specific Steps he applied in his transition phase

Daily habits that help him to keep going

How he overcome his insecurities when he was starting out

How he balances his life

How he remain consistent and motivated to pursue his goals

Daily Habits that keep him going

Best advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs and a lot more.

Session #5: How To Use Video In Your Online Business (With Dennis Abad)

Dennis Abad

Film-Maker, Videography Coach

Dennis Abad is one of the Founder of Shoot! Practical Videography. He is one of the mentors of Wedding and Events Videography Course and the Corporate Documentary Course of SHOOT!

His roles as a director, cinematographer, editor, and producer are put to great use now that he is an educator as well.

How He transitioned from Office Boy to Entrepreneur

The Advantages of having knowledge in Videography

Advisable Tools Needed for All Aspiring Christian Infopreneurs who want to use Videos to share their message in their business.

Tips to Make your Videos Stand-out

Free and Paid tools you can use to promote your courses through videos

Secrets how to make your courses sold out?

The importance of Marketing skill in your business

What are His rock bottom moments and what he did to overcome and a lot more. 

Session #6: How to Become A CEO of Your Own Business (With David Angway)

David Angway

Registered Financial Planner

David Angway is a Wealth Adviser, Founder and CEO of WinLOngTerm Financial Consultancy, and Registered Financial Planner.

He has been featured multiple times on ABS-CBN News Channel "On the Money" and Bloomberg TV Philippines.

How he transitioned from an employee to businessmen

How he overcome his insecurities when he was starting out

What makes you excel and be who you are today

Daily habits that help him to keep going

How do you market your business

Best advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs

How he balances his life.

Session #7: How To Use Your Speaking Skills Effectively (With Malvin Dinlasan)

Malvin Dinlasan

Registered Financial Planner

Malvin Dinlasan is a Start-Up Leader, Trainer, and Speaker.

As a public speaker since 2013, he imparts his learned skills and knowledge by speaking on topics involving leadership, communications, marketing, personal branding and business development.

One of the dynamic host that I've ever known

One of the corporate trainer and speaker of AIB Training and events

Christian Entrepreneur who is living his passion for inspiring others.

Founder of:

How He Started in Entrepreneurship Journey

How did he recognize his value and purpose as a Christian Entrepreneur

How did he Run a business connected to his core gift

How did he overcome despite insecurities

How to Brand your own business

How to remain consistent & motivated to pursue your purpose

How to balance life (Your ministry/church, family, business)

How to get the most joy out of your business and personal life

Best advice you can give to all aspiring Christian Infopreneurs who want to use their God-given talents for profit and purpose and above all, glorify God.

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About the Author: Marife Rosas

Hi, my name is Marife Rosas and I’m a Filipino Infopreneur (Online Entrepeneur), Author, Financial literacy advocate and the Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy, whose desire is to help all Aspiring Christian Infopreneurs to move forward in their journey for the sole purpose of Glorifying God through their lives.