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Discover How To Start A Profitable Online Business From Home
Without Sacrificing Your Church Ministry, Compromising your Faith, and Giving-up On Your God-given Calling

Discover How You Can Use Your God-Given Talents To Start Your Own Business That Serve Others...

  • Identify The God-Given Talents You Never Knew You Had 
  • Find Out Which Of Your God-Given Talents You Can Use To Start A Business
  • Discover How To Profit From Your Business That Is Aligned With Your Passion And Purpose
  • Learn The Exact 7 Steps I Used To Find My Passion Business

Trusted by Other Online Entrepreneurs

“There are only a few of people I love to work with, and Mafe is one of them.

That’s because she knows the ins and outs of a real Internet business is.

If you want to get results fastlisten to her and just do it.”
Jon Orana, Multi-Millionaire Internet Business Coach

"If you want to learn how Christians can create wealth, learn it from Marife Rosas.
She literally went from zero knowledge in building an information business to having tremendous success in her business. She's willing to help any
one do the same without a doubt."
Lloyd Labso M.D., The #1 Filipino Website Doctor (DigitalStartUpToolkit)

What Our Members Are Saying...  

"Without this group, I would probably have procrastinated and taken my own sweet time taking action.
Mafe is generous in giving us her trade secrets so we will because successful as well. She keeps on pushing us to do our best! And for that, I am truly grateful to my young mentor, coach, and inspiration. If she can do it, so can we!"
Ida Inocencio-Delos Reyes, Blogger/Interior Designer

"Working with Marife has been the most productive 3 weeks since the day I shifted my career...

...With the knowledge I acquired in this course, I would be able toreach my goals faster and become successful sooner. Thank you so much Coach Marife Rosas!"
Jazz Bigornia, Financial Literacy Advocate

"I learned a lot of things from all the online trainings from WCMC. The lessons are so helpful. Things that I could not learn from my own research. Having a mentor makes the journey easier. 
Our coach, Marife Rosas is so generous of sharing her knowledge, ideas, and wisdom. 

Such a brilliant coach. She really serve with a heart."

Wilma Hernandez,Ex-ofw

About the Founder

Hi, my name is Marife Rosas.
I’m the only Coach in the Philippines that all Christian Infopreneurs come to, I started from Zero knowledge but able to thrive using the CIA Strategy I'm teaching my students.

I’m a practitioner : I’m running my own business selling both courses and eBooks online)... not just a teacher.

I'm a Filipino Christian Infopreneur  whose desire is to help my fellow Christian Infopreneurs who don’t know how to create an ethical business centered around Christ...who wants to earn At least
Php 30,000 per month additional income from home so that she can support more her ministry and enjoy the abundant life the Bible promised...WITHOUT sacrificing her church ministry, compromising her faith, and giving up her God-given calling.

I've been featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN, and Negosyo University.