Welcome to episode 004 of the Christian Infopreneurs Academy Podcast.

In today’s episode, we’re having Mr. Francis Clavano as our guest.

For sure we will get so much value from him.

This Episode is super special because this is especially designed for all IBMC Graduates.

We discussed here almost all questions that is from you classmate and for sure makakatulong sya sa journey nyo specially if you are just starting out.


Who is Francis Clavano?

He is the Founder of Clavmall.com and already made 2 Million in His own business by just applying all the principles we all learned in IBMC.

Key Takeaways:

  • check
    Learn How He Discovered his Niche
  • check
    How he transitioned from corporate employee to full-time business owner
  • check
    1 best skill He recommend for you to master to earn your millions too
  • check
    His strategies behind earning Millions
  • check
    How he handled skeptic people
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    How he promotes his products and his marketing strategies
  • check
    How he build his funnels effectively
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    Books he recommends and what business model he is earning as of this moment
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    How he was able to determine that his niche is workable or has great potential

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    Strategies behind his Email Marketing Campaign
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    How he handles stress while on the journey to his success and how he coped up?
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    Best principles, mindset and lessons that keeps him going

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