Just recently, I was invited to be interviewed for the first time by one podcaster and online entrepreneur, Iks Reyes.

It’s my first time, and I was really excited and blessed to be part of his program.

He published it in our community and people who listened to this said podcast PMed me and they said that they found so much value in it,  especially for people who wanted to start and move forward in their Online Business Journey.

In this short podcast, I answered the following questions below that might be your question as of this moment.

1. Why is it Important to focus in Your Passion Business?

2. How can you discover your Passion Business?

3. How can you overcome challenges and excuses like…
* I have poor english speaking and writing skills
* I don’t know where and how to begin
* I don’t have time
* Manyana Habit
* Don’t know how to create a topic that will drive leads
* lack of knowledge
* I’m not an expert

I hope it will bless you too.


Praying for your Happiness and Success,

P.S. For Speaking Invitations (Online or Offline) email me at [email protected]
P.P.S.: Thank you so much Sir Iks Reyes for inviting me in your Life Goals Podcast


Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

About the author 

Marife Rosas

Hi, my name is Marife Rosas and I’m a Filipino Infopreneur (Online Entrepeneur), Author, Financial literacy advocate and the founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy, whose desire is to help all Aspiring Christian Infopreneur to move forward in their journey for the sole purpose of Glorifying God through their lives.

  1. hi Marife,

    I’m quite impressed with you, I’m a Christian too and have started my website months ago trying to sell ebooks about wellness and health. unfortunately, I’m still struggling how to improve my site being newbie in the internet affiliate marketing, of course with the help of Doc Llyod. for weeks I have put off doing anything with my site, feeling a bit discourged, but I do love to write. if you have any chance, I invite you to visit my site and please make some critiques as necessary, I welcome any comment, anything at all. my site is http://www.mykseason.com, and thank you for doing so.

    I wish we can be friends, thank you.


    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for dropping by.

      Just move forward one step at a time, I believe very soon you will get what you want din.

      Just remember that many people are waiting for your product/service.

      Bless them with that.

      God bless:-)

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