Hi Christian Infopreneur,

Welcome to My 4th Video blog. In case you missed our first 3 Vblog you may click the links below to learn and grow in your journey as an Infopreneur.

Tips to Move forward as an Infopreneur

My Interview with Mr. Billie Bautista

3 Helpful reminders to all Christian Infopreneurs

Today, my topic is about, “How to Overcome Hindrances and move forward as an Infopreneur”

You may watch it here:

Meanwhile, here’s the outline of my topics that you may watch in my video blog today:

1. Be the first person to believe in yourself.

2. Separate a time to work in your Online Business.

3. Enroll in paid courses.

4. Write your strongest “Why”

5. Create a product that is connected to your talent.

Tip to make sure that your talent is profitable online.



Praying for your Success & Happiness,






Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy

Author/Infopreneur/Financial Advocate


About the author 

Marife Rosas

Hi, my name is Marife Rosas and I’m a Filipino Infopreneur (Online Entrepeneur), Author, Financial literacy advocate and the founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy, whose desire is to help all Aspiring Christian Infopreneur to move forward in their journey for the sole purpose of Glorifying God through their lives.

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